Fields of application

Slag, concrete, varnish, tar, grease ... Egger PowAir Cleaning not only cleans surfaces, but machines as well. Thanks to our mobile cleaning teams using HOT PowAir and COLD PowAir, virtually all surfaces and industrial plants can be cleaned effectively at a reasonable price. So we can meet our customers’ individual needs, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Throughout Europe

HOT PowAir Cleaning – DUST-FREE, ABRASIVE jet-blasting

Slag, concrete, welding residues, varnish, rust, corrosion… all these and much more can be blasted off by using hot compressed air and PowAir Granulates® with up to 24 bar pressure! This enables us to refine, polish or harden steel. The PowAir Granulates are environmentally friendly and can be disposed of easily and cost-effectively. PowAir Granulates® are NOT hazardous waste.

Biomass power stations

Hydropower stations

Railway bridges

Various types of turbines

COLD PowAir Cleaning - NON-ABRASIVE blasting

Stubborn deposits such as tar, asphalt, bitumen, grease, oil, varnish, dough or chocolate will be blasted away using cold compressed air and nothing more. This NON-ABRASIVE method of cleaning is quick and efficient. From 0.1 bar pressure. No harmful secondary waste is produced, as we use nothing but cold compressed air, which literally vanishes into thin air during the cleaning process.

Construction machines

Power stations

Railjet control technology

Electric control cabinets

Undercarriage cleaning

Transformer stations

Cold storage houses

Brick vaults

No job is too small...

e.g. stamps, a stable door or a wooden façade

... and almost no job is too big

e.g. the hulk of a huge oil tanker

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Egger PowAir TECHNIKUM provides the perfect solution.

Problems often arise in (manufacturing) companies and the private sector, which cannot be solved theoretically. Thanks to the mobile Egger PowAir TECHNIKUM we can try out various application techniques on site, e.g. at your company or home, until we have found the most appropriate and effective solution for you. Feel free to call us or send us an email.