How it works

Egger PowAir effectively cleans and treats surfaces at a reasonable price. Using either hot compressed air and PowAir Granulates® or cold compressed air and nothing more, virtually all surfaces can be treated and cleaned - i.e. an ABRASIVE or NON-ABRASIVE cleaning method.

Professional cleaning using compressed air, the perfect tools and a great deal of expertise.


Egger PowAir Cleaning specialises in the treatment and cleaning of all kinds of surfaces in industry, business and construction. Compressed air is used in all systems to deal efficiently with surfaces. To do so, the pressure ranges from 0.1 to 24 bar, hence the name PowAir. In order to drive HOT & COLD PowAir cleaning systems, Egger PowAir Cleaning uses compressors from global market leader Atlas Copco.

HOT PowAir Cleaning employs a combination of hot compressed air and PowAir Granulates, resulting in ABRASIVE surface cleaning and treatment.

For NON-ABRASIVE cleaning and treatment of surfaces, COLD PowAir Cleaning is carried out using cold compressed air and nothing more.

Egger PowAir Cleaning systems are fitted with appliances from global market leader Cold Jet and Farrow System.


Step 1

The heated (up to 100° C if required) PowAir Granulates (humidity 0% up to 50%) strike the surface to be cleaned at an angle of 45°.

Step 2

The hot compressed air and PowAir Granulates produce micro-cracks in the surface, which allow the blasting media to penetrate the surface. It cools down...

Step 3

...and by means of the PowAir Granulates vigorously rubs off the surface materials.


Step 1

COLD COMPRESSED AIR penetrates the soiled area through MICRO-CRACKS…

Step 2

...expands significantly as the air heats up...

Step 3

...and removes deposits from the surface.

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