Our company needed to renovate a used debarking and sawing machine. With Egger Cold PowAir – Cleaning with cold compressed air and nothing else ... our staff and executives witnessed a small miracle: there were no abrasive residues left behind, and all the equipment looked brand-new in no time. What’s more, we didn’t have to dispose of secondary waste as hazardous waste, which saved us time and money. We heartily recommend Cold PowAir for cleaning machinery...
Stora Enso
“Do Good for the People and the Planet”

Egger “Cold PowAir” cleaned generators at Tiroler Wasserkraft (TIWAG) using cold compressed air (no water, no humidity, no chemicals and no residues). We were genuinely amazed by how quickly everything was done. Egger Cold PowAir was able to provide a better cleaning service in less than a third of the time …
Tiroler Wasserkraft
Energy with prospects

Our company produces packaging materials. The printing machines and mechanisms need to be cleaned regularly. Last time, we decided to use the services of Egger Cold PowAir - Cleaning with cold compressed air and nothing else. We – the staff in charge of maintenance and technical management - were absolutely stunned: no one has ever cleaned our printing machines as quickly and thoroughly as Egger Cold PowAir. This saved us a lot of time and money. We highly recommend Egger Cold PowAir to all printing machines operators and manufacturing companies.
Model AG
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